Our detailing work ranges from cabinetry to full millwork finishes in all ranges of design and finishes. Art Conriquez, a partner at Domæn, is an industry vanguard with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-end custom cabinetry and interior millwork. His skillful workmanship and experience with our state of the art equipment form an appreciation for hand-crafted quality with the reliability of computer-controlled machinery to stay at the forefront of the craft. His work has spanned a number of manufacturing trades including kitchen cabinetry, commercial work, built-in furniture, and crafted woodwork.

Materiality — Wood is a fantastic, affordable, versatile material with a low carbon footprint. While we prefer working with materials that are contextual to the project, we explore the use of wood and its various textural abilities with professional care.

Complexity — Our long experience in various fields and our state of the art equipment allows us to explore ideas with more flexibility than the industry while maintaining our standards and budgets.

Precision — Precision and care can disclose the finest elements of any material and our attention to accuracy and expression of lines makes every object that leaves our shop special.